Top Forex Traders

George Soros

As the largest financial market in the world peaking at 6.6 trillion USD a day, it’s no wonder the spotlight often falls on top forex traders. With high volatility – particularly during recent days with the global Covid-19 pandemic in full swing – and four main trading sessions to focus on, it’s worth paying attention to exemplary investment acumen and risk management. Learning the strategies of others who have successfully…


How the Corona Virus is Affecting the Forex Market

Corona Virus Affects the Forex Market

How is Covid-19 impacting the FX market? Creating not only a global health emergency but a financial crisis, Covid-19 has already had a worrying impact on the economy with both industrial production and retail sales experiencing historic drops. Small businesses are closing, governments are bailing out people who can’t work and the FTSA, Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nikkei have all seen huge falls. But what about Forex? How…


TradeForex 2020

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We’ve been running TradeForex.NG for the last 5 years and it’s time we send a thank you to the most important and the best people we know. YOU! Running TradeForex.NG means we do huge amounts of research on topics, lots of content writing and many cups of coffee during late nights. But the best thing is to read your comments and questions here and on facebook, and it’s for all…


6 Awesome Tips For Success In Forex Trading

tips for success in forex trading

The Forex market has a daily transaction of $5 trillion. Trading currencies, CFDs, indices, commodities, and metals among others present a lucrative opportunity to make profits. However, that doesn’t guarantee success trading the market. According to research, a huge percentage of traders lose money. Only a small percentage makes profits consistently. Below are our 6 awesome tips for success in forex trading. These can help you be successful in your…


How Does Brexit Affect Nigerian Forex Trading?

How Does Brexit Affect Nigerian Forex Trading

Every time there is a huge event in a region of a base currency such as the USA for USD, the United Kingdom for GPB or the EU for EURO, it affects the markets in various ways. When different types of stories appear in global news about the United Kingdom, or its current Prime Minister Theresa May, it has an effect on the markets. Just the same way as every…


InstaForex StartUp Bonus

InstaForex StartUp Bonus

The company with 10 years experience, one of the leaders of Forex market, the winner of many awards in categories such as “Best Broker of Asia”, “Quality Customer Service”, “Best Broker in Eastern Europe” and others, more than 7 000 000 satisfied traders all over the world and an inclusive range of services in the international Forex market. All these words can be described in one name – InstaForex, and…


How do Environmental Disasters Affect the Global Forex Market?

Environmental Disasters Affect Forex Trading

The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world with over five trillion US Dollars worth of transactions taking place every day. It is a global market hence it reacts almost immediately to different events around the world that influence currencies’ value and exchange rates. Today we will focus on environmental disasters and how they influence the foreign exchange market. Environmental disasters such as forest fires, earthquakes, floods,…


MT5 launch at HotForex

HotForex being one of the hottest brokers for Nigerian traders have just announced that they launched the new MetaTrader 5 platform! As part of their mission to ensure that they constantly offer their clients the best tools for the ideal trading experience, they have now added the popular MT5 platform for desktop, web, Android and iOS devices! This powerful and user-friendly platform is now available for all traders who want…


Nigeria Central Bank Boosts Liquidity

nigeria central bank boosts liquidity

The Nigeria central bank has stated that they have injected the amount of $325.64 million into the interbank foreign exchange market in order to help with the efforts of reducing dollar shortages and boosting liquidity. The recession of 2016 was no surprise to millions of Nigerians, but many say they haven’t seen it quite as bad before. Nigeria is an OPEC member with the largest economy in Africa, and fell…


easyMarkets dealCancellation For Cancelling Trades

easyMarkets dealCancellation Feature

easyMarkets are now offering a great new feature called dealCancellation to use when you’re trading. This feature allows traders to cancel trades when the markets are moving against you.   What is dealCancellation? Just as the name suggests, it’s a tool that allows a trader to undo losing deals. This innovative tool offered by easyMarkets allows clients upto 1 hour to undo your trades and prevent loss of invested capital….