What is Binary Options

Binary Options online only recently become available to a wide range of traders. Once in 2008, the American Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange presented their platforms for trading, binary options have become an exotic in a fairly common type of transactions. Currently, online binary options are considered to be perhaps the best way to earn money on the stock exchange.
We have longer explanation of what it means to trade binary options and which binary options brokers to choose from.

Binary Options – what could be easier?

The popularity of binary options due not only to their high yield, but also relatively simple to learn. Binary Options explained - Nigeria forex traders Africa, forex tradingIt is known that traders are not born, they become. But if for successful trading on the stock exchange you must possess remarkable knowledge and experience, in the case of binary options is much simpler.

This, incidentally, applies to the process of trading. The trader selects one of the two options – increase in value of the asset (Call) or fall (Put). In other words, no complex manipulation of graphs, switching different tabs and no calculations. At least at the time of the transaction.

Minimal risk and guaranteed income

The essence of binary options trading is to ensure that the right to evaluate the profitability of an asset for a specified period of time. If your guess will be correct, you earn. Otherwise, you will lose money. However, both the amount of losses and profit margins are known in advance. When making a decision about buying or selling an option, a trader knows exactly how much money he is risking and how many he can earn. This is one of the key differences between binary options from other types of trading, where losses may exceed several times the value of the asset.

Each successful transaction (depending on the conditions) brings to the trader at least 65% of its amount. In most cases, this threshold is higher, up to 91%.

Quick tenders and quick money

Another important difference – the transience of the transaction. Binary option online to buy (or sell) just for a moment, making a short-term forecast. This gives the trader an opportunity to make quick money on a large number of transactions, not even in large sums terms. Although, of course, a too short time expiration (time of exercise) brings additional risks.

The low access threshold

If you think that binary options will require significant financial investments, then you are mistaken. In order to be able to trade binary options online, you need not very much. Some brokers provide access to their site for the symbolic sum of $ 10. In any case, even the most well-known brokerage firm will require not more than $ 250, which the broker, in fact, will trade. In other words, binary options is really accessible to all, and there is no doubt in this.

Education as the key to success

However, despite the ease and opportunities, immediately succeed in binary options trading, it is hardly possible. As in any other activity without learning what happens. The good news is that there are a sufficient number of really competent guides and recommendations for binary options online. A good help will be a free demo account which can be opened with several brokerage companies.

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