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Best Forex Brokers with Copy Trading Tools

Did you know that many forex brokers now offer traders access to copy trading tools? By opening an account with these brokers, you can use their trading technology to discover new forex trading strategies and try out other people’s trading ideas.

Best Brokers With Copy Trading Tools

Here our best brokers for traders in need of world-class copy trading tools.



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* 1:1000 leverage

* 210+ instruments

* $15 min. deposit

* Free education

* 1:1000 leverage

* 1200+ instruments

* $50 min. deposit

* Tight spreads

* 1:500 leverage
* 200+ Instruments
* Free trading tools

* 1:1000 leverage

* 950+ instruments

* Copy trading

* Low deposit
* 1:500 leverage
* Great bonuses

* 1:500 leverage
* $100 min. deposit

* Crypto trading
* Welcomes EA & HFT

FP Markets

* 1:500 leverage

* 10,000+ instruments

* $200 min. deposit

* Ultra low latency

* 1:500 leverage

* 800+ instruments

* $10 min. deposit

* African Broker

*1:500 leverage
 *Low spreads
* Fast withdrawals

* 1:500 leverage

* $100 min. deposit

* STP broker

* Great support

* Cryptotrading
* 1:500 Leverage
* $5 min. deposit

* Great trading tools

* 1:500 leverage

* 300+ instruments

* $50 min. deposit

* Great education

* 1:500 leverage

* 1000+ instruments

* $50 min. deposit

* Crypto CFD trading

* 1:500 leverage

* 80+ instruments

* $200 min. deposit

* Excellent support

What Is Copy Trading?

The idea behind copy trading is simple. You can use this technology to copy the real-time trades of other traders or signal providers. That way, every time they trade, you can either manually or automatically replicate (copy) their trades in your trading account.

How does copy trading work?

Copy trading  technology enables you to connect a part of your portfolio to somebody else’s. This is so that any trades and future actions can be automatically copied to your trading account. This can be a great way to diversify your portfolio, for example, by connecting with traders who trade different instruments to you. It can also be a great way to improve your profitability, for example, by connecting with traders who have more experience or better success rates than you. 

What Are The Benefits Of Copy Trading?

  • Great for saving time – one of the main advantages of copy trading is that other people do the hard work for you. They do the research, choose the best instruments, and pick the best strategies. All you need to do is decide who to follow and how much to invest. 
  • Great for beginners – one of the other main advantages of copytrading  is that you get to benefit from other people’s experience. If you’re new to trading, then using a copy trading platform can help you to understand the market, make better trading decisions, and improve your overall profitability. 

How To Find The Best Broker For Copy Trading

  • Great Trading Technology – Many brokers now offer copy trading technology. Look for a broker that offers the instruments that you want to trade and that has an excellent track record when it comes to offering copy trading services. 
  • Excellent Trading Support – A good forex broker should offer excellent trading conditions including high leverage, low commissions, and tight spreads. It should also offer great educational resources and outstanding customer support. 
  • Regulation – Technology isn’t the only thing that matters. A good forex broker should also be licensed by a reputable regulatory body. It should also ensure a high level client fund protection and data security. 

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