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Trade Forex NG collect and test forex brokers, we check leverage, offers, promotions and how well they perform in terms of liquidity, latency, segregated funds.
Trading Forex can be really fun and challenging and we are here to help you on your journey by working together with some of the best Forex Brokers for Nigerian trading clients.

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The Best Brokers For Nigerian Traders


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Why do many people choose financial Forex market?

For some, it is profitable, but for others – not. Currency market, in short term, can double your capital. However, only with the right approach.

To obtain a stable income, many speculators are actively using the possibilities of the Forex market.

Many like Forex trading. Traders with experience come to it because they see for themselves more forex trading trade forexfavorable working conditions, as compared to other currency markets. For example, no commission payments. Is blamed only the spread, which is measured in “pips”. Peaks equate to one tenth of a percent, ie 0.01%. The smaller the size of the spread, the more profitable is to trade in the foreign exchange market. The size of the spread in the Forex is the lowest. On average it is about three pips.

Particularly simply spend technical analysis. Why? There are a number of reasons, we consider them below:

Client orders are not delayed because Forex is open throughout the trading week.

There are no restrictions in the liquidity of the market. Forex is one of the largest financial markets, whose popularity only grows every day.

Based on the size, Forex trading market is less volatile in comparison with others. Hence, fewer risks when entering into trade agreements.