The Elliot Wave Theory

Nelson Elliot, an accountant, discovered that the stock market moved in repetitive cycles. This was in the 1920s and 1930s. The repetitive patterns were due to the psychology of the traders during that time. Elliott named this theory: The Elliott Wave Theory also known as “Elliot Waves” and published a book about it. This pattern can be observed in both bullish and bearish markets. The 5-3 Wave Pattern The Elliott…



Traders, both novice and professional use different trading strategies in the forex market. However, from the trend, trading strategies, range trading, trading breakouts, trade reversals, trading support, resistance levels, and use of indicators. So, All these just show the numerous trading strategies out there in the market. Certainly, the focus of this article is to discuss a trading strategy known as the Martingale Strategy. How the Martingale Strategy Works The…


Fibonacci retracement

The word Fibonacci is derived from the name from of a mathematician called Leonardo Fibonacci. This man lived in the 13th century. He was trying to create an equation to determine how many rabbits he could raise when he came across a pattern that appeared in numbers. This pattern now bears his name and is known as the Fibonacci series. The sequence is based on the premise that any number…


Non Farm Payroll and Forex

Non Farm Payroll and Forex

In the Forex market we can see different aspects that will somehow affect the way we trade and our strategies. The important thing is to find a way to make everything (or almost everything) an advantage. One important aspect to consider is the non-farm payroll. What is it? The nonfarm payroll report (NFP) is a key economic indicator in regards to the United States. What is the Objective of the…


Predicting Early Market Movement – Leading vs. Lagging Indicators

Predicting Early Market Movement

In financial trading almost every trader uses some kind of technical indicator for market prediction or to validate his/her trade decisions. There are hundreds of indicators for predicting early market movement available in different platforms and over the internet based on different strategies and mathematical calculations. Now the problem is most of them are lagging indicators, meaning they generate a Buy or Sell signal when the market is already moving…


Long and Short Positions

Long Position

Understanding the Long and Short Positions in Forex For novice traders, terms used in the Forex market may be confusing. Hence the significance of understanding Forex terminologies and what they represent. Today we’ll be dealing with long and short positions. As you know, trading currencies involve buying one currency while simultaneously selling another. Therefore, traders take either long or short positions in the market. These positions are discussed below; What…


Types of Forex Analysis

There are three types of forex analysis To start, let’s look at three ways of how to analyze and develop trading ideas. Here are three main types of forex analysis: 1. Technical Analysis 2. Fundamental Analysis 3. Sentiment Analysis There are always constant debates as which type of forex analysis is better, but actually, you need to know all three.   It’s kind of like a stool with three legs –…


Types of Trading Orders in Forex

Which types of trading orders exists in Forex? The most popular and common trading terminal MetaTrader offers 8 types of trading orders, two of which have appeared in the last generation platform. According to the fundamental principles all orders are divided into two groups: 1. Market order. The immediate buy or sale of certain financial assets at the best current market price. The simplicity of this type led to the fact…