The 3 Best Ways To Do Market Analysis

To start, let’s look at three ways of analysing and developing trading ideas. There are three main types of market analysis. These are technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and sentiment analysis. Many traders choose to stick to one type of forex analysis is better, but the best traders usually know how to do all three types of analysis.

Technical Analysis

This type of market analysis involves studying price charts. The goal is to use difference charts to understand historical price data and recent price trends. You can then use this information to understand how prices may change in the future and make your trades accordingly.

Advantages of Technical Analysis

  1. Technical analysis is much easier than other types of analysis as it only involves looking at one thing – a graph.
  2. The analysis is universal – it can be used for various financial markets.
  3. The analysis has a large number of supporters who are also active market participants.

Fundamental Analysis

This type of market analysis involves studying a country’s economic and political status. The goal is to understand how certain economic and geopolitical events impact the value of a country’s currency. You can then use this information to predict future price movements.

  1. Fundamental analysis helps you understand what drives price changes.
  2. The analysis helps you understand when the market will be at its most volatile.
  3. The analysis is based on actual events and can make it easier for you to plan your trades.

Sentiment Analysis

The third most common type of market analysis is sentiment analysis. This involves studying the overall market sentiment and try to understand what other traders are doing on the market.

  1. Market sentiment analysis helps you understand what positions other traders have.
  2. It helps you predict what direction the price might move in.
  3. It helps you get an edge on the market and take positions that also go against market sentiment.

Final Thoughts

There is a continuous debate between the supporters of fundamental, technical, and sentiment analysis. Fundamental analysts believe that historical prices cannot be used to predict future price movements. Meanwhile, technical analysts believe that technical analysis covers everything, including fundamental factors. In our opinion, it is best to try all types of market analysis and decide what works best for you.

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