The 3 Best Ways To Do Market Analysis

What every newbie should know about forex trading

To start, let’s look at three ways of analysing and developing trading ideas. There are three main types of market analysis. These are technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and sentiment analysis. Many traders choose to stick to one type of forex analysis is better, but the best traders usually know how to do all three types of analysis. Technical Analysis This type of market analysis involves studying price charts. The goal…


What Influences the Price of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Rises to an All-Time High

Last week, the price of Bitcoin rose to its all-time high above $61,000 to almost reaching the $62,000 mark. According to, the all-time high was $61,556.59. However, this week on Monday as bears took over, the price dropped to almost $54,000. Over this week since the price drop on Monday, Bitcoin has been able to gain value and rose to a high of about $60,083 on Thursday. Bitcoin has…


Understanding Swaps

Understanding Swaps

The basic meaning of swap is exchanging something for another. In finance, a swap is a contract between two parties where they exchange cash flows of two different financial instruments over a specified period. One cash flow is fixed while the other cash flow can change based on factors such as interest rates, commodity prices among others. Interest rates, currencies, and commodities are some examples of financial instruments that are…


Understanding How Non Farm Payrolls Affect The Forex Market

Non Farm Payroll and Forex

In the Forex market we can see different aspects that will somehow affect the way we trade and our strategies. The important thing is to find a way to make everything (or almost everything) an advantage. One important aspect to consider is the non-farm payroll. What is it? The nonfarm payroll report (NFP) is a key economic indicator in regards to the United States. What is the Objective of the…


7 Technical Indicators to Consider in the Forex Market

7 Indicators Chart 6

Forex traders analyse the market using either technical analysis or fundamental analysis. Technical analysis involves studying historical price movements while fundamental analysis involves studying news events. Technical analysis majorly involves using technical indicators to determine the probability of price moving in a certain direction. The indicators apply mathematical formula whose calculations are based on price. Technical Indicators can either be lagging or leading indicators. Lagging indicators follow price movement and…


Trading Signals

Trading Signals

Perhaps you’ve already learned everything in our Forex education section and become somewhat of an expert Forex trader, or you’ve started thinking that this might not be the thing for you and instead are considering other options of how to earn more money, but in a passive way that doesn’t require trading on your own all day. And perhaps you are already using one of the best Forex brokers in Nigeria…


What is Slippage?

What is Slippage

Slippage occurs when the expected price of an order is different from the price at which the order was filled. Slippage is a normal occurrence among Forex traders which can either be positive or negative. Let’s take a closer look below.   Definition of Slippage In the Forex market, buy orders are matched with sell orders. An imbalance in terms of buyers, sellers, and prices will result in slippage.  …


How Environmental Disasters Affect the Forex Market

Environmental Disasters Affect Forex Trading

The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world with over five trillion US Dollars worth of transactions taking place every day. It is a global market hence it reacts almost immediately to different events around the world that influence currencies’ value and exchange rates. Today we will focus on environmental disasters and how they influence the foreign exchange market. Environmental disasters such as forest fires, earthquakes, floods,…


How to Use A Stop Loss When Trading Forex

Stop Loss

The foreign exchange market will always be unpredictable. Economic and political news as well as other factors influence how the market prices move, and sometimes traders unfortunately incur losses that they were not prepared for. This is the reason why knowing about the stop loss and setting one up is important to the trader.   What is a Stop Loss? A stop loss is an order entered by a trader…


How To Use An Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

An economic calendar is a Forex trading tool which includes important financial information like consumer prices index, insurance rates, employment reports, non-farm payroll numbers, purchasing managers index, GDP reports, inflation reports, confidence data and speeches by central banks designed to assist traders and investors in Forex trading. Forex traders make use of the economic calendar to track the incidence of market-fluctuating events by means of data research. By doing this,…